ACCESS-NRI participation: COSIMA and e-research

The ACCESS-NRI had a busy October participating in several events including:

E-research Australasia 2022

e-Research Australia took place from the 17-20 October in at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

ACCESS-NRI participated as an exhibitor along with other NCRIS facilities including Atlas of Living Australia, Auscope, Australian ACCESS Federation, ARCD, AARNET and AURIN.


Our Associate Director, Dr Kelsey Druken presented on: “Introducing the Australian Earth System Simulator (ACCESS-NRI)” and also co-facilitated the Birds of Feather (BoF) section “Integrating research data across our planet: Perspectives from the data components of the NCRIS Earth  & Environmental science facilities” with Dr Rebecca Farrington from Auscope.

We also participated on the BoF session “Communicating across Research ecosystems” facilitated by Aditi Subramanya (Pawsey) and Jana Makar (NESI)


COSIMA Workshop 2022

The COSIMA workshop was held in Hobart between on the 3-4 November, 2022. The workshop featured our usual mix of talks and discussions, covering physical oceanography, sea ice, biogeochemistry, waves, model development and technical advances. More details here

ACCESS-NRI Director Andy Hogg gave a talk on the ACCESS-NRI and relationship to COSIMA. Other participants from the ACCESS-NRI team included Dougie Squire and Romain Beucher.