Dougie Squire (he/him)

Senior Research Software Engineer

Dougie Squire (he/him)

Dougie is a Senior Research Software Engineer within the ocean model development team with a background in fluid mechanics and climate science.

His recent research has focused on near-term climate forecasting, including verification and use. Dougie is interested in climate extremes and what can be learned about them using climate models. He is also interested in scalable approaches for big data processing and analysis.

Dougie’s favourite aspect of his role is working in teams to tackle tough problems at the intersection of science and software development. He loves learning and developing new ways to make science more open, transparent, reproducible and accessible.

Dougie obtained a PhD from the University of Melbourne in 2017 entitled “The structure and scaling of rough-wall turbulent boundary layers”.

Outside work, Dougie enjoys cycling, running and pottery.