Romain Beucher (he/him)

Team Leader, Model Evaluation and Diagnostics, Australian National University

Romain Beucher (he/him)

Romain is the Leader of the ACCESS-NRI Model Evaluation and Diagnostics. He is highly experienced in data exploration and analysis. He provides technical support, develops open-source software solutions, and provides training to facilitate effective research and development of workflows.

Romain’s favorite aspect of his work is working with smart people on highly interesting and relevant topics and learning from them.

Romain has 12 years research experience, gained while part of world leading computational geoscience research groups in France, Norway, and Australia. He is a former Member of the technological development stream of the Australian Research Council Basin Genesis Hub (BGH).

Romain has a strong educational background in natural sciences as well as in physics and chemistry. He obtained a PhD from The University of Grenoble, France entitled “Neogene Evolution of the south-Western Alps (French-Italian border): An integrated sismotectonic and thermochronological approach”.

Outside work, Romain enjoys spending time his his son and friends. He likes cooking, running, fiddling with computers and code and he is slowly improving his guitar playing.