Aims and Guiding Principles

ACCESS-NRI aims to address the nation’s research needs in weather, climate and Earth System simulation needed to navigate environmental change.  

Our specific goals include:

  • Creating an ACCESS model framework which is easier for researchers to develop and use
  • Improve the quality and performance of ACCESS model configurations
  • Make ACCESS output and input data transparent, open and accessible
  • Support Australian science for Australian model infrastructure
  • Be an organisation where people and partnerships thrive
  • Preparing for future challenges
  • Build a connected community across academia, government, science, industry and society


A world class Earth system modelling research infrastructure to predict Australia’s weather and climate.


To build a collaborative national Earth system modelling infrastructure to support research and decision making in Australia by:

1. Fostering a collaborative, diverse, interdisciplinary and inclusive research community

2. Building, releasing and supporting cuttingedge modelling systems, software tools and data frameworks

3. Transforming the quality, scale, significance, efficiency and relevance of Australia’s weather, climate and Earth system science research

Our Guiding Principles and Values

  • Our priorities are determined by the National interest and the needs of the ACCESS Community  
  • The tools that we develop are designed to enhance national capacity and strengthen international collaboration
  • We use an open development environment with clear and coherent software standards 
  • Our data framework is based on Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) principles 
  • We are a collaborative, multidisciplinary and equitable organisation 
  • We invest in the skills and capability of our workforce and wider community 
  • We manage our infrastructure to deliver maximum impact in National priority areas. 

"ACCESS-NRI will provide the kind of transformation in weather and climate science that the Square Kilometer Array or the Giant Magellan telescope are bringing to astronomy. This new facility will enable better, faster responses to relevant, emerging research questions, using 21st century tools. ACCESS-NRI will address the nation's research needs in weather, climate and Earth System simulation."

Professor Andy Hogg, ACCESS-NRI Director