ACCESS-NRI aims to address the nation’s research needs in weather, climate and Earth System simulation needed to navigate environmental change.  

Hosted by The Australian National University, ACCESS-NRI will:

  • Accelerate current weather and climate research and enable new research not now possible.
  • Make the ACCESS models accessible to all Australian researchers working on national challenges associated with Earth Systems science.
  • Use computing and data resources more efficiently and future-proof it against impending obsolescence due to coming improvements in computing technology.
  • Improve Australia’s capacity to provide information to business, government and the public about risks associated with environmental change, and to mitigate these risks with scientifically informed strategies.


Provide Australia with a research infrastructure that maximises the value of investment necessary to understand and manage the risks and opportunities inherent in environmental change and solve Earth System problems of critical national importance now and in the future.


To build a merit-based, open-access national research infrastructure to transform the quality, scale, significance, efficiency and relevance of Australia’s weather, climate and Earth System Science research.

"ACCESS-NRI will provide the kind of transformation in weather and climate science that the Square Kilometer Array or the Giant Magellan telescope are bringing to astronomy. This new facility will enable better, faster responses to relevant, emerging research questions, using 21st century tools. ACCESS-NRI will address the nation's research needs in weather, climate and Earth System simulation."

Professor Andy Hogg, ACCESS-NRI Director