The ACCESS Community Working Groups are here!

March 27, 2023

The Australian Earth System Simulator (ACCESS-NRI) team is excited to announce the formation of the Australian Community Climate Earth System Simulator (ACCESS) Community Working Groups  

The ACCESS Community Working Groups are formed by users and developers of specific ACCESS components, configurations or research communities. The ACCESS community includes all those who run, analyse, develop, use or are interested in using the ACCESS models or the tools developed by the ACCESS National Research Infrastructure (ACCESS-NRI). 

Professor Andy Hogg, Director of the Australian Earth System Simulator (ACCESS-NRI) says, “We are thrilled to finalise the formation of the working groups and to start engaging with them, as they are an essential part of our infrastructure. The Working Groups will help to create spaces where the different ACCESS communities can interact and co-create, so we encourage the community to join then and start collaborating.”

“Community building is at the heart of our mission, so we are really excited by this announcement, as members of our Atmospheric Modelling Working Group will have opportunities to contribute to and benefit from a wide range of scientific and professional activities driven by our atmospheric community. Examples include exchanging ideas and experiences with a wide range of atmospheric researchers at community workshops, developing and sharing datasets and analysis toolboxes to enhance knowledge transfer and research collaborations,” says Dr. Yi Huang from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes and user of the ACCESS Modelling framework.

The Community Working Groups will:

  • Forge a link between the different research communities and our infrastructure experts
  • Manage and share information and experiences about model configurations within research community
  • Provide advice on the optimal allocation of available ACCESS-NRI computational resources
  • Help to create spaces where the different ACCESS communities can interact and co-create
  • Be open inclusive, supportive and flexible.

The four new working groups announced today are Atmospheric ModellingCryosphere, Earth System Modelling and Forecasting and Prediction. They join the existing COSIMA (Ocean and Sea-Ice) and Land Surface Working Groups, which are already established within the ACCESS community.

The Working Groups are open to the public and welcome new members. We encourage the community to participate in one or more of the Working Groups and start collaborating. 

How to join a Community Working Group

The Community Working Groups will interact with ACCESS-NRI through their co-chairs, ACCESS-NRI liaisons, the ACCESS-NRI Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and the the ACCESS-Hive Community Forum.

The need to form the Community Working Groups arose from community building at the June 2022 ACCESS Community Workshop. In November 2022, ACCESS-NRI started a consultation with the ACCESS community through a survey. This led to the formation of the new Community Working Groups announced today

Community Working Group Terms of Reference 



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