Welcome to our new Land Modelling Infrastructure Team Leader, Dr Claire Carouge

May 12, 2022

Dr Claire Carouge has been appointed Leader for the ACCESS-NRI Land Modelling Infrastructure Team.

Before joining the ACCESS-NRI team, Dr Carouge’s was the team leader of the Computational Modelling Support team at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes, which provides expert advice to researchers on how to use ACCESS and its individual model components and maintains some of these models for the Australian research community. The team also helps researchers perform their data analysis.

At the ACCESS-NRI, Dr Carouge will be responsible for delivering a modelling infrastructure for the land research in Australia. The land modelling setup will be designed to streamline the research activity and to integrate within the overall infrastructure for climate modelling developed at the ACCESS-NRI.

During her career as a research software engineer, Dr Carouge has worked with models covering different parts of the climate system: ocean, atmosphere, land and atmospheric chemistry. In recent years, her work focused on the land surface model CABLE. She has notably successfully coupled CABLE to the atmospheric regional model WRF.

Welcome to the team, Claire!



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