Revamped ACCESS-Hive User Portal starts buzzing this week   

August 30, 2023

The ACCESS-NRI team is excited to announce the launch of an updated ACCESS-Hive User Portal with enhanced user experience and easier navigation. 

ACCESS-Hive is a portal to all the documentation relevant to the wider ACCESS community and includes the ACCESS-Hive Forum, which is a platform for the ACCESS community to come together, share information, have fruitful discussions, organise and plan shared activities. The ACCESS-Hive was originally launched in November last year in response to a clear community need to consolidate the existing ACCESS Community documentation.  

This new version of the portal now includes both resources contributed by the ACCESS community and content released and curated by ACCESS-NRI team.  

Members of the ACCESS-NRI team behind the development of this updated website include the Atmosphere Model team leader, Dr Heidi Nettelbeck, and research software engineers Jasmeen Kaur, Dr Sven Buder and Dr Davide Marchegiani.

Developers of the updated new Hive. l-r: Dr Davide Marchegiani, Dr Heidi Nettelbeck, Jasmeen Kaur and Dr Sven Buder

“This new version of the ACCESS-Hive now contains updated documentation on several tools and supported ACCESS model configurations. You can find quick links to the ACCESS-Hive Forum, supported model configurations and how to run them,“ says Dr Davide Marchegiani. 

“The ACCESS-Hive now also shows users how to find observational data or models, and showcases their evaluation through a collection of supported evaluation tools”, says Dr Sven Buder, a member of the Model Evaluation and Diagnostics (MED) team at ACCESS-NRI. 

“This is just the starting point. Content in the ACCESS-Hive User Portal will evolve as ACCESS-NRI continues to grow and receive valuable feedback and contributions from the community in different areas”, adds Dr Heidi Nettelbeck. 

We invite everyone to experience the enhanced ACCESS-Hive firsthand. Your insights are invaluable, and we encourage feedback via the ACCESS-Hive Forum. 


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