Mr. Abhaas Goyal

Research Software Engineer

Mr. Abhaas Goyal

Abhaas is a Research Software Engineer in the Land Surface Modelling Team at ACCESS-NRI. His favourite aspect of work is applying computing to design large-scale systems in an interdisciplinary context and collaborating with diverse experts in the scientific community to address one of the major challenges faced by society today – navigating climate change.

Abhaas was awarded his Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Honours), majoring in Systems and Architecture in 2023 at the Australian National University.

His current work includes tinkering with a system’s hardware/software interface to optimise code in High-Performance Computing environments, as well as learning about various paradigms of programming language designs to create/maintain reliable software. Abhaas also likes to apply the art of problem-solving by testing out various algorithms in different domains.

Outside of work, Abhaas likes to explore new parts of Canberra on his bicycle. His go-to recreational hobbies are playing badminton, classical piano and strategy board/video games.