Claire Carouge (she/her)

Team Leader, Land Modelling Infrastructure, Australian National University

Claire Carouge (she/her)

Claire is the leader of the Land modelling infrastructure team. At the ACCESS-NRI, she is responsible for delivering a modelling infrastructure for the land research in Australia. This infrastructure is to be informed by the needs of the Australian Land modelling research community. The land modelling setup will be designed to streamline the research activity and to integrate within the overall infrastructure for climate modelling developed at the ACCESS-NRI.

Before joining the ACCESS-NRI, Claire was the team leader of the Computational Modelling Support team at the Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes (CLEX), which provides expert advice to researchers on how to use ACCESS and its individual model components and maintains some of these models for the Australian research community. The team also helps researchers perform their data analysis.

Claire holds a PhD in Earth Sciences, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, 2006 entitled “Towards inferring European daily CO2 fluxes at high spatial resolution by inversion of the atmospheric transport”.

During her career as a research software engineer, Claire has worked with models covering different parts of the climate system: ocean, atmosphere, land and atmospheric chemistry. In recent years, her work focused on the land surface model CABLE. She has notably successfully coupled CABLE to the atmospheric regional model WRF.

Claire favorite aspect of her work is that her work accelerates the climate research in Australia by facilitating access to climate models and climate data by researchers. She also likes adapting the climate models and the data analysis workflows to enable more ambitious research.

Outside work, Claire enjoys reading, hiking and playing video games.