Bertrand Timbal

Board Member, Bureau of Meteorology

Bertrand Timbal

Bertrand represents the Bureau on the ACCESS-NRI board. His role is to ensure that the leading operational organisation in Australia relying on the seamless ACCESS modelling framework to underpin its services engage through this infrastructure with a wider scientific community across Australia securing value and impact for the Bureau’s customers.

Through this role, he has the privilege to oversee a range of exciting state-of-the-art research projects which delivers incremental improvements to the Bureau’s services and are having an impact on the Australia community at large, supporting it in time of weather-related challenges and the economic prosperity of the country.

Although this role is diverse and interesting, the main drawback is that it prevents him to play a role anymore in developing downscaling methods to translate climate change information from climate models to smaller scales to provide useful information for impact and adaptation studies. He continues to have an interest in climate processes both extra-tropical and in the deep tropics.

Outside work, Bertrand enjoys swimming, going for a bike ride or a walk or a jog, sometimes the 3 activities one after the other one .. that’s call triathlon!