Apoorva Raghubanshi (she/her)

Administration Officer, Australian National University

Apoorva Raghubanshi (she/her)

Apoorva is the Administration officer of the ACCESS-NRI. She provides administrative support to the ACCESS-NRI team. She is also the rapporteur for ACCESS-NRI Board and ACCESS Oversight Committee.

Apoorva’s favourite aspect of her work is meeting Australia’s top climate change researchers and knowing more about their work as she finds it truly inspiring.

Apoorva holds a Masters in Environmental & Resource Economics with an specialisation in Development Policy. While undertaking her Master’s programme, she developed a particular interest in the field of climate change policies as well as disaster risk reduction and management.

In 2021, Apoorva co-authored a paper titled ‘‘Steering the Restoration of Degraded Agroecosystems During the UN-International Decade of Ecosystem Restoration” in the Journal of Environmental Management.

Outside work, Apoorva enjoys dancing, where she has a Senior Diploma in Indian Classical Dance. She is also very passionate about finding and collecting the TCG collectable cards and has a huge collection.