Earth System Model 1.5 (ESM1.5)

What is the ESM 1.5?

An ESM (Earth System Model) simulates the carbon and other bio-chemical cycles alongside climate.

ACCESS-ESM1.5 is one of the two ACCESS global coupled model versions. It includes land and ocean biogeochemistry.

The simulations of this ACCESS coupled model configuration provide extensive datasets encompassing a wide range of variables that characterise the climate, such as temperature, rainfall, cloud cover, sea-ice extent and ocean circulation. This model allows climate scientists to simulate climate to 2100 (and beyond) for a range of future socioeconomic pathways.

How is ACCESS-ESM1.5 used?

The most recent Coupled Model lntercomparison Project, CMIP6, used a wide range of simulations from the ACCESS-ESM1.5 version. Read the ACCESS Impact Case study here.

Data are available from the Earth System Grid (ESG) at the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI).

If you are an ACCESS-ESM user: