Coupled Model 2 (CM2)

What is ACCESS-CM2?

The Coupled Model 2 (CM2) includes the atmosphere, ocean and sea-ice components and produces physical climate simulations. ACCESS-CM2 features improved fluid dynamics and a microphysical aerosol scheme.

ACCESS-CM2 is one of the two ACCESS global coupled model versions run by the Australian climate community for the Coupled Model lntercomparison Project, CMIP. There are several variants, combining different versions of the Unified Model atmosphere, CABLE land surface model, MOM ocean and CICE sea ice models.

The ACCESS-CM2 simulations provide extensive datasets encompassing a wide range of variables that characterise the climate, such as temperature, rainfall, cloud cover, sea-ice extent and ocean circulation. This model allows climate scientists to simulate climate to 2100 (and beyond) for a range of future socioeconomic pathways.

How is ACCESS-CM2 used?

A wide range of simulations from the ACCESS-CM2 version were used in the most recent Coupled Model lntercomparison Project, CMIP6. Data are available from the Earth System Grid (ESG) at the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI).

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