Research Software Engineer

ACCESS-NRI needs to recruit more Research Software Engineers!

A Research Software Engineer (RSE) position at ACCESS-NRI provides a rare opportunity to work in a massively parallel high-performance scientific computing and big-data environment to address some of the biggest challenges the world will face in the near future.

The Research Software Engineer role contributes to and benefits from the expertise and support of the ACCESS modelling community. ACCESS-NRI provides a supportive and enriching workplace for its staff through its strong commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion and wellbeing initiatives. Women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other people who will increase the diversity of the ACCESS community are strongly encouraged to apply.

ACCESS is a suite of software that lies at the heart of Australia’s outstanding climate and weather modelling capability. The research community has secured substantial support from the Australian Government and universities to transform ACCESS into a well-managed, high-quality platform supporting Australian research, positioning Australia internationally in the global climate and weather modelling community.

At the heart of ACCESS is a community of Research Software Engineers with a range of skills including high performance computing, climate and Earth system model development, advanced visualisation, model optimisation, code repository management, machine learning, model evaluation and data science.

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