How to join Community Working Groups

Community Working Groups are open and welcome new members. We encourage the community to participate in one or more of the working groups. Follow the steps below to join!

1. Follow announcements (i.e., join the mailing list)   

Announcements and notifications for each Community Working Group will be shared through the ACCESS-Hive Forum

  • Select the “Announce” post for the Community Working Group(s) you wish to follow. 
  • Click the small bell located on the right-hand side and select Watching (after selecting, it should appear ‘yellow’ to indicate you are following the Announce post).

You will now receive email notifications for the Community Working Group announcements. If you’d like to receive updates for additional Community Working Groups, repeat the above steps for each group you would like to follow.


2. Become a member of the Community Working Group(s)  

Becoming a member of a Working Group allows you to connect with others members and build community collaboration.   

You‘re done! You are now a member of one or more Community Working Groups. Note joining will not automatically enable notifications. Make sure you are Watching the corresponding announcements post for each group you wish to follow and receive updates.


3. Participate!

Join the discussion and start interacting with other members of the Community Working Groups (and broader ACCESS community).


Need Support? 

Post a comment on this ACCESS-Hive Forum topic if you have trouble joining any of the Community Working groups. The ACCESS-NRI team will monitor this topic and help you at the earliest opportunity.