Forecasting and Prediction Community Working Group

The Forecasting and Prediction Modelling Community Working Group includes researchers from several Australian universities and research institutions who use and co-develop the Australian Community Climate Earth System Model (ACCESS) for their research.

The Working Group comprises data assimilation, numerical weather prediction, seasonal and decadal prediction, as well as machine learning for forecasting. The focus of the group will be on research infrastructure not operational forecasting. Members will be invited to help refine the scope, depending on levels of interest.

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Forecasting and Prediction WG Home

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The main aims of this group are to:

  • Build communities focusing on common forecast system infrastructure
  • Understand infrastructure needs of the community and advise ACCESS-NRI
  • Provide advice and recommendations to the ACCESS-NRI for how it might support forecasting and prediction modelling into the future
  • Share information on model and suite configurations, experimental design and evaluation
  • Exchange information through regular meetings
  • Provide information to members about training opportunities.

Debbie Hudson (Bureau of Meteorology)

Kim Reid (CLEX/Monash University)

Nathan Eizenberg (University of Melbourne)

ACCESS-NRI Liaison: 

Martin Dix


Community Working Groups Terms of Reference