Report impact and acknowledge ACCESS-NRI

Have you used ACCESS in recent or ongoing publications or projects? If so, we would love to know!  

Reporting on the ACCESS models use is a key performance indicator for ACCESS-NRI to our funders. This enables us to record how and where ACCESS is being used, and helps us to continue to be funded to deliver these services. This is also a way for us to help you promote your work (if desired).

Therefore, we request that users of ACCESS infrastructure: 

  1. Use the link below to tell us what ACCESS related models, data or tools you have used in your publications/projects/public releases.  

Report your publication/project

This information will be used to report on ACCESS-NRI’s impact to our funders. This will not include any personal information on individual responses collected.

  1. Include an acknowledgement in all publications/reports/public releases such as the following: 


“This research used the ACCESS-NRI’s model X (e.g ACCESS-ESM1.5) infrastructure, which is enabled by the Australian Government’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS)” 


“X acknowledges the Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator National Research Infrastructure (ACCESS-NRI), funded by the Australian Government’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy, for their maintenance of virtual environments, code and model support”. 

If you have any images/videos of the project or publication that you are happy to share with us, please send them to:  

If you have any questions about ACCESS-NRI or NCRIS acknowledgements or would like copies of logos or branding guidelines please contact ACCESS-NRI’s Outreach and Engagement Manager, Natalia Bateman at: 

Thank you for reporting and acknowledging the use of our infrastructure.