ACCESS BARRA Reanalysis: impact on fire management, agriculture and energy

ACCESS BARRA reanalysis offers valuable information that have been used in many industries including energy, fire management and agriculture

Fire Agencies

Fire agencies are looking to the ACCESS BARRA reanalysis dataset to better understand the nature of bushfire in Australia. The high spatial and temporal resolution selected subregions across Australia will allow much more detailed understanding of historic major fire events and will especially improve the understanding of vulnerability and the threat of loss in large events. This improved understanding will assist in resilience to future impacts.

Impactful Weather Events

Studies of impactful weather events over Australia such as tropical cyclones, east coast lows and heatwaves will be assisted by the detailed information on wind, rainfall, temperature and pressure available from reanalysis data. Reanalysis data provides a homogenous record over time that can be used to better understand their behaviour to assist in developing more accurate forecasts for these events in the future.

Energy Industry

Energy Industries overseas have made extensive use of reanalysis datasets. Reanalysis datasets can offer information ranging from where to best site renewable energy generation, to detailed examination of past extreme weather events over Australia that have affected the energy market.


The fine spatial and temporal scale of reanalysis datasets offer the chance to study in detail impactful weather events in the agricultural industry such as frost, flood and hail. This can lead to a greater understanding of and preparedness for extreme weather.