ACCESS Training Day Program

ACCESS Training Day – Mon 4 September 2023

ACCESS Training Day Program
09:00 – 09:30aArrival
09:30 - 9:35aSession 1:
Acknowledgement of Country
Welcome and housekeeping items
Introduction to the day
09:35 - 10:00aNCI’s AREIntroduction to NCI’s Australian Research Environment (ARE)
  • Background overview
  • Exercise: Launch ARE

  • 10:00 – 11:00aACCESS modelsIntroduction to ACCESS models (with focus on ACCESS-CM2)
  • Basic background on climate models and ACCESS
  • Difference between regional and global (climate) modelling
  • Introducing Rose/cylc, etc.

    Exercise: Running ACCESS in ARE
  • Understand how Rose/cylc works
  • Learn how to copy a suite, make minor edits and run it

  • 11:00 – 11:20aMorning tea (provided)
    11:20 - 12:30pACCESS modelsExercise: Working with an ACCESS suite
  • Understand how a suite is structured
  • Where to find model output and log files
  • Working with the Rose-edit GUI
  • Live model diagnostics demo (optional)

    Exercise: How to modify suites
  • Explain how a CM2 configuration differs from the suite ran in this tutorial
  • Possible problems, trouble-shooting errors (e.g., missing files, missing storage directives, etc.)

  • 12:30 - 2:00pLunch (provided)
    02:00 – 02:30pSession 2: Welcome/IntroIntroduction to model evaluation
    02:30 - 03:00pIntake cataloguesIntroduction to intake catalogues
  • Introduction to intake
  • NCI Dataset Index infrastructure
  • ACCESS-NRI intake catalogue

  • 03:00 - 03:30pIntake cataloguesWorking with intake catalogues
  • Dependencies
  • How to run

    Exercise: Using the ACCESS-NRI intake catalogue

    Example: How to index a new experiment

  • 03:30 - 03:50pAfternoon tea (provided)
    03:50 – 04:30pModel evaluationIntroduction to ILAMB model evaluation tool

    Exercise: Working with ILAMB

    04:30 - 05:00pModel evaluationIntroduction to ESMValTOOL

    Exercise: Working with ESMValTOOL


    Find more about the location and how to get there.

    We are still on a pandemic so please read our ACCESS-NRI COVID Safe Plan and stay home if you test positive or have symptoms.We will have masks available at the meeting.

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