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ACCESS-Hive is a user portal to all documentation relevant to the Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator, ACCESS, and the wider ACCESS community. ACCESS-Hive is developed for and by the ACCESS community following an open-source development.

We invite everyone to experience the ACCESS-Hive firsthand. Your insights are invaluable, and we encourage feedback via the ACCESS-Hive Forum. 

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ACCESS Hive-Forum

This is a place for the ACCESS Community to come together, share information, have fruitful discussions, organise and plan shared activities. Start collaborating now!

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ACCESS User Support

Do you have a question about the ACCESS models or its software ecosystem tools? Don’t despair, the ACCESS Support team is here to help! 

The ACCESS-NRI has just released the User Support scheme; an additional way to ask questions about get help with products that are supported by ACCESS-NRI, while at the same time building a knowledge base curated by the community on climate and weather modelling science in Australia. The User support scheme is a process that starts with the user asking a question though the ACCESS-Hive Forum

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