ACCESS Community Workshop – Posters

2023 Virtual Poster Gallery

ACCESS Workshop 2023 Posters

Poster NumberTitlePresenter
1Land model benchmarking with machine learningGab Abramowitz
2Effect of increasing horizontal resolution on the representation of the Antarctic Slope CurrentWilton Aguiar
3Model Evaluation worflows of ACCESS configurationsRomain Beucher
4Benchcab: a testing framework for the CABLE land surface modelSean Bryan
5CABLE is moving to GitHub: what is changingClaire Carouge
6Advances in regional ocean modelling with MOM6Chris Chapman
7How sea ice affects the Southern Ocean water masses: an ACCESS case studyZijin Chen
8Local precipitation response to the Madden Julian Oscillation using AUS2200 simulationsThi Lan Dao
9Atmospheric modelling activities over the Southern Ocean/AntarcticaSonya Fiddes
10Evaluation of ACCESS-S2 seasonal rainfall forecasts for southwest Western AustraliaRebecca Firth
11Building Software Better With Spack: Reliable, Replicable and ReproducibleAidan Heerdegen
12Seasonal sea level forecasts for coastal Australia using ACCESS-S2Ryan Holmes
13Impacts of the recent change in the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation on the Antarctic shelfMaurice Huguenin
14TBDWilma Huneke
15Globus - Moving the Earth for Australian ResearchersAlex Ip
16Advancing AI for long-range daily weather forecasts driven by ACCESS-SWarren Jin
17Evaluation and future projections of heatwaves in ACCESS-ESM1.5Jatin Kala
18Visualisation services and tools for ACCESS modelsOwen Kaluza
19Introducing ACCESS-OM3, COSIMA's next-generation ocean-sea ice-wave modelAndrew Kiss
20Assessment of the National Analysis SystemMonika Krysta
21Improving the reusability of ACCESS model input dataPaul Leopardi
22Multiweek Prediction and Attribution of the Black Saturday Heatwave Event in Southeast AustraliaEun-Pa Lim
23Could a warming climate induce ice flow piracy in East Antarctica?Felicity McCormack
24Meridional Heat transport in the Southern Ocean.Hangyu Meng
25Enhanced Southern Ocean CO2 outgassing as a result of stronger and poleward shifted southern hemispheric westerliesLaurie Menviel
26TBD, maybe something on OM3, or COSIMA, or the high resolution MOM6 Panantarctic regional model suiteAdele Morrison
27How do observed LAI and albedo influence temperature extremes in Tinderbox drought and Black Summer in southeast Australia?Mengyuan Mu
28Is the climatology of ACCESS-CM2 AMIP simulations reproduced in short-duration simulations?Sramana Neogi
29Oceanic response to simulated Greenland meltwater events in ACCESS modelsGabriel Pontes
30Accelerating climate models using an AI surrogateAbhnil Prasad
31ACCESS-NRI MED PortalMax Proft
32Southern Ocean freshwater initiativeAriaan Purich
33Using Atmospheric Water Vapour Transport to Enhance Subseasonal Forecast Skill of Precipitation in ACCESS-S2Kimberley Reid
34ACCESS Antarctic Modelling - update 2023Greg Roff
35Impact of AMOC shutdown on Australian precipitation under PI and LIG boundary conditionsHimadri Saini
36AABW formation and export: Effect of horizontal resolution in MOM6-PanAntartcicChristina Schmidt
37Accelerating model physics development with machine learningSteven Sherwood
38Observing dense shelf water formation from spacePaul Spence
39The ACCESS-NRI Intake catalog: a community-driven approach for finding, loading and sharing data on GadiDougie Squire
40Climate & Fluid Physics LaboratoryKial Stewart
41Interactive monitoring & diagnostic analyses of live ACCESS modelsMike Tetley
42Using CABLE to understand droughtAnna Ukkola
43Parameterization Solutions for Basal Melting at the Grounding Line in Ice flow ModelsYu Wang
44A parameterisation for sea-breeze enhancement of convective rainfall in a global modelBethan White
45Exploring the pattern effect’s role on the Australian climate through a modified AMIP configuration of ACCESS ESM 1.5Spencer Wong
46Spatial and temporal variability of primary production by algae in Antarctic sea ice during the satellite eraPat Wongpan
47Atmospheric composition capabilities in ACCESSMatthew Woodhouse
48Euphotic zone residence time of Antarctic Bottom WaterYinghuan Xie
49The sensitivity of the Antarctic ice sheet projections to ice sheet model configurations using Elmer/IceChen Zhao
50ACCESS-MICAS a forecast-based tool for event attriubtionLynn Zhou
51Earth System Modelling Working Group UpdateTilo Ziehn


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